The Marriage You Really Want

I am not sure I could have done it without you. I would have given up and believed that because he was with someone else we were done. Thank you. We are forever indebted….

Debby Salter, M.D.
Lakewood, CO

Best money I’ve spent. My wife was totally against it and wanted nothing to do with me. So I did it myself and after a few days she gave in and gave it a try. I must say it opened both of our eyes and we are doing better than ever. We definitely still need work, but your techniques definitely have us going in the right direction. I believe I can definitely say it’s a success story even though it’s only been 3 weeks. We talk, laugh, and have fun again. Thanks again and I definitely recommend it to anyone that was in my situation.

Pete Llamas
Gurnee, Illinois

I never suspected his infidelity. That was 2 years ago and nothing short of a miracle has happened. Our family is restored and our future is bright. It would not have been possible without your help…

Karen & Cory Crognale
Gahanna, Ohio

About a month and a half ago, my wife told me she was done and wanted a divorce. I came across your website, saw the accolades. Actually called in and spoke to your assistant saying “does this really work?” I ordered out of desperation, believing that I wasted my money. I’m almost halfway through the program and I can say that it is never too late. I have not asked her to join me yet and she doesn’t even know the name of this program. I simply wanted to share and encourage others to not just order this program… WORK this program…

Bob Ernsberger
Stallings, NC

About 3 years ago I was on the verge of divorce. Very shortly thereafter got your Tele-Boot Camp package and thank god the information was brilliant. Your package was pivotal in saving my marriage….

Mikk Sachar
York, PA

I have a very stubborn husband…I ran across Mort…he was just so good…it helped our marriage tremendously…my husband became very selfish and prideful…Mort helped him turn that around.

Cynthia Lundquist
Cathedral City, CA

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I am willing to provide a testament to how the program assisted me in transforming my marriage and my life. It would need to be done in a manner that is completely anonymous. I am a public figure and we would need to do it in a manner that a viewer could not ascertain that I was the subject. We began planning the amicable dissolution of our marriage – I was searching for assistance in how to do that and encountered Marriage Fitness. It changed the course that we were on – and changed our lives…


While it’s too personal for me to speak about publicly I will share that this program solved our problems both outside and inside of the bedroom. I did this program completely Lone Ranger. …

Jennifer Shepard, LMFT
San Luis Obispo, CA

GAME CHANGER. This program was so straight forward and helpful for me. Mort has a great way if keeping it simple yet powerful. This program was not only tremendously helpful with healing myself, but my relationship and view of my spouse. I did the Lone Ranger track, and could see a shift in myself and my husband relatively quickly. While it is a lifelong journey and truly a change in lifestyle, Mort gives all the tools you need to be successful. Thank you!


My husband had an affair with a co-worker. I ordered Mort’s program and did the lone ranger track. I started the program myself and 3 weeks into the program I confronted my husband and he confessed. I gave him the program and he decided to do the program with me. We listened every week to the call in conference. One year later we saved our marriage because of Mort. There is still pain and healing to be completed, but we are on our way to getting our lives back and saving our marriage and family. If your marriage is in crisis, do this program!…

Huggie K.
New Jersey

Your program saved my marriage. My husband was really resistant. He made a major turnaround. We have been inseparable since! It really works and it creates miracles. What happened to me feels like one…

Sandy Dieter
Whitehall, PA

After listening to the first CD, I was blown away, and things started to make sense. Without this program, I would have said and done all the wrong things. Today, our marriage is the best it’s been…

John E.
Acton, MA

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