What to Expect From Marriage Counseling in the Pittsburgh/ Woody Point Area

Many people in and around the Pittsburgh area are turning to marriage counseling and other forms of marriage help because they have found themselves in a marriage that no longer works. There is only one true marriage: the union between a man and a woman committed to be together for life. Unfortunately, research shows that only about 75% of all married couples that come to a marriage counselor are actually better off after the marriage than when they first got married. The study also does not necessarily elicit any sentiment that any marriage help sought by a couple who seek marriage counseling is doomed to failure.

Still, the study does encourage those seeking marriage counseling south hills of Pittsburgh should seriously consider it if their marriage is in trouble. This is because marriage counselors and their couples have an extremely high success rate. Of those couples who have gone through marriage counseling in the Pittsburgh area, more than half were able to stay married and enjoy marriage and family happiness.

A number of reasons account for this success. First of all, marriage counseling Pittsburgh is relatively affordable. The professional fees are not exorbitant and the financial help is available to anyone who is in need. Secondly, there are numerous services available in the Pittsburgh/ Southwest Pennsylvania area. Marriage counselors and their couples can receive effective help from religious and community based marriage counseling, as well as from professionals who specialize in family and marriage counseling.

Many times, family dysfunction is a product of a person’s inability to communicate properly with someone else in their lives. Lack of communication is also a contributor to the breakdown of relationships, and this is where marriage counselors come in. Marriage counselors in the Pittsburgh/SW Pennsylvania area can facilitate meaningful conversations that will lead to positive solutions for everyone involved. They can also help a couple get their needs met in a setting where the couple is comfortable and the atmosphere is conducive to honest communication. The marriage counselor will assist in identifying the underlying causes for the problems and then work with the couple to develop meaningful tools for communicating.

Marriage counselors in the Pittsburgh/ Southwest PA areas also help create a supportive environment for the couple. Sometimes, when a couple has been struggling with one another, family members and friends are often the first ones to voice their opinions and offer advice. However, it is difficult for those who have no real experience with or understanding of marriage problems to know what to say, or even how to react in certain situations. With the help of a marriage counselor, these individuals can become knowledgeable about how others feel, and they can provide insightful feedback to the couple. Family and marriage counselors help a couple navigate difficult times, and they can also help them keep the lines of communication open when things are getting tricky. In short, they allow the couple to take control of their own problems so that they can better solve them together.

It should be noted that marriage counseling can be very effective, regardless of where the couple resides. However, couples experiencing marital problems may not find it within their means to travel to a faraway place just to resolve their problems. For this reason, it is important to make sure that any marriage counseling that is conducted is either within the area in which the couple lives, or within a reasonable distance. The decision as to which route to go on with the marriage should be made only after consulting with a marriage counselor who can best counsel the couple. In the end, it is up to each couple to decide what is best for them, and marriage counseling in the Pittsburgh/ Southwest PA region can certainly help those in need.