Why Marriages Fail – The Reasons Why People Divorce

Husband not happy in marriage should always be the utmost priority that every married lady needs to address to help them attain a successful union and relationship. There are millions of reasons and techniques every wife and woman must learn and implement in their own personal life to earn the happy and grateful feeling to be their husband. One effective technique is to spend time and effort in making your husband feel good regarding you and how he is perceived by you. It is difficult for a husband to feel good when he is with a woman who makes him feel worthless, less of a man, incompetent and sexually attracted towards him.

In fact studies have proven that it is not just women who are more attached with their husband while they are married to them. On the other hand it has been also proven that men are not attaching or caring much on how they feel. It is quite different when it comes to men marrying women who are much younger than them or those who are already a decade or two older than them. However the results of a recent study on married couples show that men would rather have their wives who are within 10 years of their age than their wives who are within nine years of their age. Although this seems unbelievable, it can still be possible that the man feels that younger woman is better than an older woman.

A recent survey also shows that about 70 percent of divorces occur due to a problem between the husband and his spouse that developed because of the change in life styles or due to workload and responsibilities. Husband not happy in marriage is one of the main reasons for divorce. When a couple is already struggling to juggle work, children, household chores and friends and then add the stress of a possible divorce it becomes really hard for any partner to carry on with the daily routine. This is why getting married before you get divorced is always advisable.

Many people are not happy in the marriage because of the fact that their spouse may be very much involved with someone else. If you think that your husband is not happy in the marriage because he is having some sort of trouble with his friend then it is best if you try to talk to him about it. Even if he tells you that he is not seeing anyone else then try to talk to him about it. You can ask him questions like what it is that he sees in his friend and try to get to know him a bit.

Another reason for the couples getting divorced is because of the quarrels and fights that may break out from time to time. If you think that your husband is not happy in the marriage because of the constant quarrels and fights then it may be time to sit down and discuss your marriage problems with your husband. If you want to save your marriage from getting divorced consult a marriage counselor who will give you the necessary help in saving your marriage. If you want to save your marriage from breaking up, consult a pastor who has experience on helping couples get back together again.

If you want to know why marriages fail then it is important to analyze what really makes couples get married in the first place. It is important to find out why they got married in the first place. If you were able to find out the reason then you may be able to change the behavior of your spouse so that he or she is not unhappy in marriage anymore. If you think that your husband or wife is not happy in marriage then it may be best if you find ways to help him or her get back the happiness that they had when they were newly married. It is important to save a marriage if one of you wants to keep the other person as your partner for life.

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